Eugene J. Secor Formalized Cooperative Program

Internships and co-ops are crucial for engineering students who want to understand how to succeed on the job from day one. They could also be the difference between landing one's dream job and settling for something less.

An estimated eight out of every 10 students in the Wayne State University College of Engineering completes at least one internship prior to graduating. These students develop both hard and soft skills while learning to work on interdisciplinary teams in rapidly evolving industries. Interns apply academic lessons in real-time environments that range from smaller independent firms to some of the most globally known corporations, many located just a few miles from Wayne State's campus in Midtown Detroit.

According to annual surveys taken one month prior to graduation, nearly 40% of Wayne State engineering graduates who had already landed a job did so via an internship or co-op. Ultimately, the goal for faculty, academic staff and employers is the same: nurture talented and industry-ready graduates who have a much clearer vision of their professional goals.