Doctor of Philosophy in civil engineering and urban sustainability (dual-title)

Once admitted to the Ph.D. program in Civil and Environmental Engineering, students can apply to earn a Ph.D. Dual-Title, which is titled: Civil Engineering and Urban Sustainability. Cities and other urbanized areas are as problematic as they are rich with challenging research questions that should account for  social equity, economic stabilization, and environmental and infrastructure quality, which are the pillars of sustainability. This dual-title degree is designed to prepare engineering professionals to solve these challenging urban problems, which require working across disciplines. Students enrolled in the dual-title program take courses across relevant disciplines and thereby develop specific skills relating to urban sustainability, and will also have the option to engage in an internship or science exchange where Urban Sustainability is the focus. Our students join a vigorous community where they develop and participate in colloquia and seminars, perform community service, and learn to write proposals for extramural funding. The dual-title coursework follows competencies outlined by the Transformative Research in Urban Sustainability Training program (T-RUST, add link).

Admission requirements

Applicants must meet the admissions standards of both the Graduate School and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), and be offered admission to the CEE doctoral program. Beyond admission standards, admission to the CEE doctoral program involves: proof of financial support (graduate teaching or research appointment, self-support), and commitments from CEE faculty as committee members, and that of an external committee member, as per Wayne State University Graduate School guidance and policy.