Program mission

The Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics program offers students interdisciplinary training in the fast-growing STEM fields of data science and analytics. Trained by world-class faculty under the stewardship of a strong Industrial Advisory Board, students will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the process of transforming data into insights for making sound business decisions. The program culminates with an industry sponsored practicum project where students work in cross-disciplinary teams to apply data science and business analytics principles and techniques to real-world problems.

Graduates are prepared to apply the practical knowledge and skills they have gained in analytics, computing, databases, statistics, operations research, and deep understanding of business in data science to immediately benefit their employers.

Program learning objectives

PL01: Critical thinking - Students will be able to produce accurate and timely insights from large quantities of data using data science and analytics techniques.

PL02: Communication - Students will be able to communicate analytics problems, methods, and findings effectively after considering the relevant audience (technical vs. non-technical stakeholders), situation, and purpose of the communication.

PL03: Technical skills - Students will be able to use technical skills in predictive and prescriptive modeling to support/drive decision-making.

PL04: Data analysis life cycle - Students will be able to employ the data analysis life cycle to find effective solutions to computing challenges in analytical projects.

PL05: Teamwork & collaboration - Students collaborate productively with others to accomplish established goals.