Admission to the MS in Data Science and Business Analytics (MSDSBA) program is selective.  We are looking for exceptional students with a strong interest in data sciences and business analytics who have shown a high level of ability demonstrated by past performance on appropriate coursework and/or by workplace experience as well as standardized testing.

All applicants must meet the requirements for admission to the WSU Graduate School.  In addition, the following are the minimum admission requirements for the MS in Data Science and Business Analytics:

  • Earned undergraduate degree in any STEM discipline, business discipline, or closely related field from an accredited college or university with a GPA of 3.0 or above

*Applicants from a non-STEM discipline applying to the Advanced Analytics or Data Computing concentration, will need to have successfully completed Calculus I, Calculus II and Elementary Linear Algebra, or the course equivalent at another institution.

**Applicants may also be required to complete STA 5030 - Statistical Computing and Data Analysis and IE 6560 - Deterministic Optimization. These two courses will be utilized as elective credit towards the MS in Data Science and Business Analytics degree.

  • Strong letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose: a one-page, typed response to the following question: "What are your career objectives and how will an MS in Data Science and Business Analytics degree contribute to accomplishing these objectives?"
  • Resume/CV that highlights the applicant's relevant project and/or professional experiences; if applicable, it should also include the applicant's knowledge and/or skills in mathematics and computer programming
  • Acceptable scores on the quantitative, verbal and writing sections of the GRE or GMAT (Applicants that have already earned a graduate degree, have years of professional experience, or an exceptional undergraduate GPA may ask for this requirement to be waived.)
  • English language proficiency passing test scores are required for international applicants

Applicants are expected to be well-versed in basic probability and statistics as well as a programming language (e.g. C, C++, Java, Python, R, FORTRAN, etc). Applicants who do not have sufficient background in these areas may still be admitted, with the expectation that they take one or more preparatory courses prior to starting the program. 


Prospective candidates being considered for admission may have to participate in an online interview with the admissions committee. Upon evaluating the application, admissible candidates will be approached for scheduling these interviews.

Prerequisite knowledge

Applicants who do not have sufficient background in mathematics and computing may still be admitted, with the expectation that they take a preparatory course from Wayne State University:

  • DSE 5070 - Introduction to Data Computing and Programming

Other courses from online platforms such as Coursera and EdX may be allowed as substitutes on a conditional basis.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

All prospective STEM and business students will have to take the GMAT or the GRE exam. We are looking for applicants with minimum scores in the 75 percentile. If you have taken the GMAT or the GRE more than once, we will use the highest score received within the last five years when evaluating your application.  Admissions applications may be submitted in advance of taking one of these tests.

The GMAT and GRE are offered continually at testing centers throughout North America and at select international sites.