Transfer students

The Division of Engineering Technology offers programs designed to accept students with technical coursework from community colleges. Up to 64 community college credits can be used in an ET plan of study toward graduation requirements.

This can create confusion, though, because in order to actually use the credits that transfer to WSU, they also need to fit into the plan of study. 

Equivalency transfer check

  1.  Visit the Transfer Credit website
  2. In the gray "Course Equivalency" box, type in your community college.
  3. Choose your institution from the list.


  • Search by the "List courses starting with." 
  • If possible, make sure the class transfers before you take it. 

Technology courses

  • Search by the "List courses starting with."
  • Classes that show up on the table as ET, MCT or EET 1XXX may be used as lower division tech electives. You can use 18-26 credits of these electives for graduation, depending on your major program. If you have completed most credits in this area, concentrate on the math and science section of your transfer.

General education

  • Use the "Display courses with this general education attribute" box to find pre-approved courses.