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Is this program right for me?

The purpose of the Global Executive Engineering Doctoral Program is to provide the opportunity for working executives and technical leaders the ability to combine real-world experience with academic skills to create a new class of leaders who embrace integrative thinking, are globally aware, and are capable of producing sustainable value to any organization throughout the world.

Candidates conduct several rigorous studies during the program that introduce them to the theories, practices and techniques of employing a systems approach to recognizing interdependencies and distinctions of technical, cultural, economic, political-legal and general international business factors that cross many different contexts. The GET experience is intended to equip graduates with the requisite skills to lead an effective systems approach in multinational technical workforce and for teaching duties in universities. 

During the GET Program students are required to prepare and submit their case studies and research papers to appropriate high-quality academic conferences or publications for review and presentation. A core goal of the program is for students to make original intellectual contributions while enrolled in the program.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I intellectually curious?
  • Do I enjoy reading and expressing my own ideas in writing?
  • Do I get satisfaction from working with concepts and seeing patterns and relationships between ideas?
  • Do I believe that important organizational and social issues can be addressed through the development of knowledge?
  • Am I receptive to learning through systematic inquiry, both qualitative and quantitative?
  • Do I have the motivation to conduct solid research and contribute to applied knowledge?
  • Can I contribute to a diverse community seeking to build concepts about how the world works?
  • Do I have the drive and time to complete a rigorous, four-year doctoral degree?

Benefit to participants

Our GET Doctoral Program offers unparalleled benefits to experienced executives:

  • An understanding of managing organizations in the context of broad issues, such as culture and politics, technology and social system design and institutional approaches to problem solving
  • A cross-disciplinary, integrative, global perspective on critical organizational and social issues
  • An exclusive approach to intellectual inquiry emphasizing the integration of theory and practice
  • Intellectual growth and personal development as an individual, as an executive and as a contributor to the academic community and to society
  • A prestigious doctoral degree in industrial engineering achieved through a rigorous, structured and comprehensive educational experience for the working professional

Time commitment

Requiring only up to four total visits to campus per month, the Global Executive Engineering Doctoral Program is designed to be manageable for busy executives, allowing students from all over to participate in a one-of-a-kind leadership program.

The curriculum is delivered over nine semesters, or four years. Both fall and winters semesters are comprised of four visits per month. The summer semester is delivered over a more varying schedule. But make no mistake, the GET Program requires a serious time commitment from each participant. Even considering individual study habits vary, students should anticipate devoting a minimum of 15 hours per week to study or research outside of classes.

The Wayne State GET program is a learning partner – cohort program. Participants enter the program as a cohort group, which brings learning partners together to build community, foster creativity, build leadership skills and encourage greater progress.

Return on investment to organizations

      To lead effectively in today's complex world, organizations require leaders who:

  • Engage in thinking and analysis based upon a global perspective and understanding of viewpoints held by diverse cultures
  • Possess the perspectives and competencies to flourish in today's global business environment
  • Understand interdependencies between organizations and the societies in which they function
  • Maintain an active network of peers within and outside of an organization
  • Commit to the principles of lifelong learning and personal development in order to enhance their value to an organization

      Wayne State's unique learning partner environment will allow you to:

  • Conduct studies and projects on issues, problems and opportunities of significance to your organization
  • Test, evaluate and develop a more sophisticated understanding and assumptions about global trends that will affect your business and community
  • Gain insight on the worldwide challenges and opportunities that will impact the plans, strategies and policies guiding your organization in the long term

For More Information

Mark Garrison, Program Manager