Doctor of Philosophy - Global Executive Track (GET)

The GET program is exceptional for experienced, global business professionals with engineering or technical backgrounds. Course content is holistic and focuses on the entire value chain of business in the global marketplace from concept through launch to sustainability. Specific country courses focus on the historical, cultural, political and economic implications of doing business in key global growth areas. Finally, the ability to learn from the shared experiences of fellow learning partners who have extensive global business and engineering backgrounds in such industries as automotive, defense, and electronics is an added benefit of the program.

– Nancy Philippart, Business Consultant and Owner, NLP Solutions LLC, Retired Executive Director, General Motors

Mission statement

To provide the opportunity for working executives to combine real-world experience with academic skills to create a new class of technical leaders who embrace integrative thinking, are globally aware, and are capable of producing sustainable value to any organization throughout the world.

Program description

The Global Executive Track (GET) Program, a Ph.D. in industrial engineering, prepares individuals to lead a technical organization in a competitive global environment, providing them with a global perspective on corporate and engineering management systems. The program features core courses with a focus on integrated learning and attention to key decisions, which global technical managers and executives are likely to encounter. The emphasis is on mastering the critical knowledge they need to lead global enterprises in complex global contexts. The key decisions and knowledge elements frame the central content drawn from industrial and systems engineering, engineering management, management science, international business and business anthropology.


Earn a Ph.D. in industrial engineering while maintaining your current job. The Global Executive Track is designed for working managers and executives. Courses meet every fourth weekend (Thursday evening, Friday afternoon, and Saturday all day), which are considered residency sessions. To promote continued academic dialogue, the program also includes one evening course meeting between residency sessions.

Become a learning partner in a progressive classroom that incorporates the knowledge and experience of like-minded executive students to promote learning objectives. Courses are team taught and designed by faculty from industrial engineering, business, anthropology and senior executives from industry.

Join managers and executives across industries such as automotive, defense, health care and information technology, and organizations that include, for example, General Dynamics, American Axle, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Urban Science, HUD and the VA Hospitals.

Examine issues dealing with globalization and confront major problems and opportunities affecting profitability, sustainability and longevity of major industries.

Experience an innovative curriculum that addresses the importance of human infrastructure, robust processes, systems thinking and global cultures.

Develop research questions to investigate practical problems, create case studies, publish journal articles, and explore new and exciting issues in the dissertation process.

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Advisory board members

  • Jim Anderson, CEO, Urban Science
  • Dr. Andrew Brown, Retired VP & CT, Delphi; NAS
  • Dr. Mark Dolsen, President, TRQSS
  • Dr. Jennifer Hitchcock, Defense Acquisition University Professor, Department of Defense
  • Heather Rivard, Vice President, Distribution Operations, DTE Energy
  • Dr. Kathy Schroeder, VP of Production Operations - Automotive, IHS Markit
  • Jim Ruma, Retired VP Engineering, GDLS, Executive in Residence - Macomb OU Incubator
  • Doug Szopo, Retired Executive Director, Global Product Planning & Strategy, Ford Motor Company

Program directors

Dr. Ratna Babu Chinnam
Dr. Nancy Philippart