Mechanical engineers create technologies that improve the quality of our lives by transforming abstract theoretical ideas into reality. The proliferation of modern technologies opens new avenues for mechanical engineers in challenging fields such as advanced manufacturing, materials science, energy storage devices, nanoelectrochemistry, quantum computing, propulsion systems and optical diagnostics, renewable energy, computational fluid dynamics, autonomous ground vehicles and marine surface vessels, vehicle electrification, soft robotics, safety-augmented control designs, structural health monitoring, acoustics vibration and noise control.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median annual wage for mechanical engineers was $95,300 in May 2021. The salary of Wayne State mechanical engineering bachelor's graduates is ranked 11th in the nation.

The campus of Wayne State University is located in the heart of Detroit, which is known as the Motor City and the center of American automobile manufacturing. Wayne State University's Mechanical Engineering program is continually evolving to "close the gap" between the industry expectations and the skill sets of our graduates.