Faculty expertise

  • Advanced materials and manufacturing
  • Advanced propulsion and energy systems
  • Dynamics, acoustics and controls

Advanced materials and manufacturing

  • Yara Almubarak

    Yara Almubarak

    Faculty profile

    • Soft robotics 
    • Underwater robotics 
    • Smart materials and structures 
    • Actuators and sensors 
    • 3D printing 
    • Capstone design
  • Golam Newaz

    Golam Newaz

    Faculty profile

    • Mechanics of composite materials
    • Fracture and fatigue of advanced materials
    • Crashworthiness and computational modeling
    • Additive manufacturing / 4D printing
  • Mohammad Ali Ozbeki

    Mohammad Ali Ozbeki

    Faculty profile

    • Finite element method 
    • Computer aided engineering
    • Product development and design
    • Lean engineering
  • Xin Wu

    Xin Wu

    Faculty profile

    • Material processing
    • Manufacturing
    • Properties and microstructures of materials

Advanced propulsion and energy systems

  • Omid Samimi Abianeh

    Omid Samimi Abianeh

    Faculty profile

    • Deflagration and detonation of hydrocarbon mixtures
    • Autoignition of hydrocarbon mixtures
    • Thermodynamics of gas phase at high pressure and low temperature
  • Gbemeho Gilou Agbaglah

    Gbemeho Gilou Agbaglah

    Faculty profile

    • Hydrodynamic instabilities
    • Multiphase flows
    • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Aerodynamics
  • Leela Arava

    Leela Arava

    Faculty profile

    • Nanoelectrochemistry
    • Batteries 
    • Fuel cells
  • Mahbub Islam

    Mahbub Islam

    Faculty profile

    • Computational chemistry
    • Energy storage technology
    • Electrochemistry
    • Nanomaterials
    • High energy materials
  • Marcis Jansons

    Marcis Jansons

    Faculty profile

    • Engine technology
    • Combustion
    • Propulsion systems
    • Optical diagnostics
  • Ming-Chia Lai

    Ming-Chia Lai

    Faculty profile

    • Thermal and fluid engineering
    • Energy and propulsion
    • Computational fluid dynamics

Dynamics, acoustics, and controls

  • Nabil Chalhoub

    Nabil Chalhoub

    Faculty profile

    • Modeling and active control of flexible structures 
    • Robotics 
    • IC engine dynamics and tribology 
    • Guidance and control of marine surface vessels 
    • Nonlinear robust controllers and observers
  • Azad Ghaffari

    Azad Ghaffari

    Faculty profile

    • Dynamic systems and controls
    • Safety-augmented control design
    • Autonomous systems
    • Distributed energy systems
  • M Arif Hasan

    M Arif Hasan

    Faculty profile

    • Topological acoustics 
    • Quantum-classical analogies 
    • Mechanical metamaterials 
    • Nonlinear waves
  • Valery Pylypchuk

    Valery Pylypchuk

    Faculty profile

    • Nonlinear phenomena 
    • Metamaterials 
    • Structural vibrations
  • Chin-An Tan

    Chin-An Tan

    Faculty profile

    • Vehicle-infrastructure interactions and structural health monitoring 
    • Data-driven modeling and applications of machine learning 
    • Dynamics and control of autonomous vehicles 
    • Dynamics and stability
  • Sean Wu

    Sean Wu

    Faculty profile

    • Acoustics vibration, noise control and signal processing
    • Cardiovascular analysis