Engagement opportunities

Student volunteers

Throughout the year, our office participates in dozens of events and initiatives where students are needed. From mentoring and tutoring to one-day event volunteering, students can impact the lives of others in the local community. Here are just some of the opportunities for involvement:

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Service learning

Current students can enroll in service learning courses related to community engagement for college credit. If you are a biomedical engineering student you can enroll in any undergraduate BME design course, engaging in projects that will improve quality of life in the surrounding community. If you are a student in other engineering departments you can design your own service learning activity with assistance from our office. Speak to your department advisor to get started.

Co-curricular volunteer opportunities for pre-med students

The Wayne State University School of Medicine offers many opportunities for pre-med students to get involved on and off campus.

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Educators are invited to leverage their subject matter expertise and leadership to inspire the next generation of engineers, computer scientists and researchers. Here are some ideas:


Faculty members can offer mentorship to K-12 students participating in our programs, providing guidance and support in their academic and personal development.

Guest Lectures:

Faculty can contribute by giving guest lectures or presentations to students, sharing their expertise in various fields.

Workshop Facilitation:

Faculty can lead workshops or hands-on sessions, sharing their knowledge and engaging with students in interactive learning experiences.

Curriculum Development:

Faculty can collaborate with our team to develop educational materials and curriculum for our programs, ensuring alignment with academic standards.

Additionally, our office can coordinate K-12 student visits to laboratories or events.

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Industry partners

Engineering K-12 outreach depends on the use of college resources in order to provide a foundation for future engineers. The college creates and teaches summer engineering and computer science camps for ages 9 through 17, enrolling about 200 students from the Detroit-local area. We want our campers to eventually enroll in WSU, and later become active members of local industry. By becoming a K-12 outreach sponsor and/or providing scholarships for summer programs and Saturday workshops, partners can help reduce the costs associated with student registration and tools/resources needed for our camps/workshops.  

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Alumni can get involved through our Engineering Alumni Volunteer Corps.