International student body

As of fall 2023, the college enrolled 119 international undergraduate students and 383 international graduate students from 33 countries. Students benefit from a supportive and inclusive environment on Michigan's most diverse campus, and the 30,000 living alumni around the world from the College of Engineering further demonstrate the university's global impact.

Summer engineering program

The Summer engineering program is a unique four-week experience especially designed for undergraduate students attending Wayne State's partner universities. This program allows international students to experience the U.S. culture, challenge their creativity and imagination, and enrich their conversational English language skills. The program integrates fun and educational field trips, and allows ample opportunities for self-exploring and recreational activities. The program is managed and chaperoned by the WSU Office of International Programs.

3+2 program

With the college's 3+2 program, international students earn both a bachelor's degree from their home institution and a master's degree from Wayne State University in just five years. Students study for three years at their home institution and work toward a master of science in engineering during their fourth and fifth year at Wayne State.

In May 2013, 12 Chinese students were the first to graduate from the program, earning master's degrees in computer science. Today the college hosts students from China, India, Nigeria, Egypt and the United Kingdom who are all pursuing advanced degrees. The 3 2 program builds a pipeline of international students, offers students the chance to work with team members from different cultures, and strengthens partnerships with institutions in other countries.