Study abroad

All summer 2022 incoming and outgoing study abroad opportunities are currently suspended. 

Incoming study abroad opportunities

The College of Engineering welcomes students from other institutions to work in faculty labs and experience Detroit, Michigan.  Through different agreements, most recently we have students join us in the summer from Austria, China, and Taiwan.

Research with WSU faculty- Chang Gung University, Taiwan

5-7 engineering undergraduate students from Chang Gung University  - opportunity to do research with WSU engineering faculty for 8 weeks during the summer.  Topics vary based upon faculty available and student interests.  Research topics may include:

  • Novel cathode materials for beyond Li-ion energy storage systems
  • Highly structured TiN nanotube arrays for Li-S battery
  • Video-based curb detection for autonomous driving 
  • 3D Deep Learning and Applications 
  • High-density Implantable Neural Implants as Brain Machine Interfaces 
  • Flexible and Transparent Graphene Wireless Sensors for Human Physiological Monitoring 
  • Operating Systems for Future Smart Homes 

Outgoing study abroad opportunities

Several research and credit opportunities for Engineering students are available in China, Austria, Japan, and France in the summer.  Some programs are a couple weeks; some extend several weeks.  Many of the programs provide scholarships to lower your expenses.   

Why do a summer study abroad experience?  Gain experience; learn about international engineering technology and issues; build your connections to facilitate entering the engineering career field; and the experience would be fun.  

Explore the study abroad programs and find a program which would enhance your engineering skills & perspectives.  Consult with your engineering advisor to learn how this experience would add academic credits towards your degree.
College of Engineering scholarships are available for all students accepted into a study abroad experience. Amount varies depending upon how many students participate.  No additional scholarship application is required.