To combat global warming and lessen dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels, the U.S. government has set a high priority on the development of new energy sources. Today, it dominates Michigan's industrial and technology landscape, and engineers are being asked to design renewable energy systems to power everything from vehicles to home heating and cooling systems. In 2004, WSU established the country's first master's degree program in alternative energy technology and has remained ahead of the curve with comprehensive curricula that prepare students to lead the evolution to a hydrogen-based economy.

At Wayne State's College of Engineering, you'll learn from nationally renowned faculty experts and benefit from our High Impact Practices of Student Success: team-based learning, global perspective, undergraduate research, internships and co-ops, and community service.




Steve Salley

Dr. Salley's research is in biomaterials and biocompatibility, biodiesel, and energy education.

Steve Salley