Student organizations

Wayne State College of Engineering students are involved. Whether they're busy building cars or canoes, volunteering in their communities, getting together for trivia night or more, you'll find students on campus and in the community making a difference and gaining invaluable experience and perspective. It's a lot to juggle, but our students make it look easy.

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Be sure to check out College of Engineering student organizations and competition teams below, then visit the Dean of Students Office to learn more about the university's more than 400 student organizations. 

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

    The Wayne State University Chapter of AIChE is committed to promoting vital relationships within the chemical engineering profession by developing strong relationships between professors, fellow chemical engineering students and alumni throughout the chemical engineering industry. The primary goal of AIChE is to cultivate a community of dedicated students looking to grow as professionals. AIChE is designed to give students unfamiliar with the chemical engineering profession a chance to explore possibilities in the field, and all members are given opportunities to go on company tours, attend resume/interview workshops, and partake in industry panels.

  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

    ASCE provides students with valuable resources needed to maximize their potential of becoming a successful engineer. The organization supports high-quality standards and promotes excellence in the field of civil engineering. Students participate yearly in the ASCE Regional Concrete Canoe Competition, in which the goal is to design a canoe that is made entirely from concrete, subject the canoe to specific tests for buoyancy, and race the canoe against other universities for the opportunity to participate in the ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition.

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

    ASME helps the global engineering community develop solutions to real world challenges. Founded in 1880 as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME is a not-for-profit professional organization that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing and skill development across all engineering disciplines, while promoting the vital role of the engineer in society. ASME’s mission is to serve diverse global communities by advancing, disseminating and applying engineering knowledge for improving the quality of life; and communicating the excitement of engineering. ASME aims to be the essential resource for mechanical engineers and other technical professionals throughout the world for solutions that benefit humankind.

  • Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

    The Biomedical Engineering Society is a professional society for those interested in biomedical engineering and bioengineering. The national society was founded in early February of 1968 and at the time consisted of 171 founding members and 89 charter members. Its first open meeting took place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Atlantic City on April 17, 1968. The society’s mission is to promote and improve biomedical engineering knowledge and its utilization for human health and well-being. Today, BMES has grown to more than 5,500 members, with more than 80 student chapters, and continues to grow in international membership.

  • Chem-E-Car

    Chem-E-Car is a yearly competition held by global AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers). The competition consists of multiple regional competitions and a final competition. Teams design, test, and construct cars that are chemically powered and stopped. The goal of the competition is to safely carry a specific load over a stated distance. As part of Wayne State University’s Chem-E-Car team, members get to apply skills that they learn in class through hands-on experience. We are open to students from every major.

  • Chi Epsilon

    Chi Epsilon, the civil engineering honor society, is dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of civil engineering as an ideal profession. Chi Epsilon was organized to recognize the characteristics of the individual civil engineer deemed to be fundamental to the successful pursuit of an engineering career, and to aid in the development of those characteristics in civil engineering students.

  • Cyber Defense Club

    The Cyber Defense Club is focused on security issues that relate to how computer hacks are done and the techniques used to prevent them. The group is made of a diverse segment of individuals who may already be in the field or who are fascinated with learning about Ethical Hacking. The group also is a social group that has a variety of fun nights.

    The team participates in a series of offensive events including Capture the Flag (CTF) tournaments. The club also has a defensive component where we compete in the State of Michigan (CCDC) with the goal of winning the national event.

    President: Ibnul Zawwad
    Vice President: Aakash Mukhi

    Faculty advisor: Doug Witten

  • Hybrid Warriors

    EcoCAR 3 is the latest U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) series and is North America’s premier collegiate automotive engineering competition. The U.S. DOE and General Motors are challenging 16 North American universities to redesign a Chevrolet Camaro into a hybrid-electric car that will reduce environmental impact, while maintaining the muscle and performance expected from this iconic American car. Wayne State University is the only university in Michigan selected for this prestigious competition.

  • Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD)

    This is the first ESD student chapter in Metro Detroit. The purpose of this organization is to promote fellowship among its members, disseminate knowledge of theory and practice in all engineering and allied fields, and further the professional development of students in engineering. ESD's mission also is to facilitate networking opportunities for all of its members.

  • Engineering Student Senate (ESS)

    The Engineering Student Senate brings together the student body, student organizations and the faculty of Wayne State University’s College of Engineering for the purposes of increasing communications and general policy. The ESS shall serve as the voice of the student body and the coordinating council of student organizations in college matters that involve student-faculty relations and interactions, and be a driving force in creating a positive engineering community.

    President: Kelly Whitlock (

  • Engineering Technology Student Organization (ETSO)

    The Engineering Technology Student Organization (ETSO) was founded in Fall 1987. It provides a forum for students to unite and build an organization that helps increase socio-cultural (unique to ET) activity, helping its members to build their leadership qualities and more.

    • President:
    • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ana Djuric
    • Location: Room 2023 Engineering Technology
    • On Facebook
  • Engineers Without Borders

    Engineers Without Borders is a national organization that aids disadvantaged local and global communities through engineering projects. We collaborate with Wayne State faculty, professional engineers, and students of all majors. Our chapter helps members develop skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, project management, and more.

    Contact:  Christine Dinh

  • Formula SAE- Warrior Racing

    Warrior Racing is composed of dedicated Wayne State University students who devote their time and effort to designing, manufacturing and competing a formula style race car. All of the design and manufacturing is done by undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

    IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE’s highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

  • Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)

    The Wayne State University Chapter is devoted to the development and continuous improvement of the leadership abilities of our student members. Our chapter makes it our responsibility to provide resources to our members, as well as to affiliated persons who are involved in or manage industrial engineering application, education, training, research or development.

  • Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

    The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is a professional society of more than 15,000 transportation engineers, planners and other professionals in some 80 countries. Its members are responsible for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on streets, highways and transit systems. Since 1930, the Institute has been providing transportation professionals with programs and resources to help them meet those responsibilities. Institute programs and resources include professional development seminars, technical reports, a monthly journal, local, regional and international meetings, and other forums for the exchange of opinions, ideas, techniques, and research.  The first ITE Student Chapters were organized at the University of Illinois and Yale University in 1947. The WSU Student Chapter is currently one of approximately 130 from around the world. One of our primary goals is introducing students to the transportation profession and supplementing their classroom and laboratory experiences.

    Faculty Advisors:  Steve Remias and Steve Lavrenz

  • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

    The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), with more than 29,900 members, is one of the largest student-governed organizations in the country. Founded in 1975, NSBE now includes more than 394 colleges, pre-college, and NSBE professional chapters in the United States and abroad. NSBE’s mission is "to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community."

  • Professional Order of Engineering Technology (POET)

    The Professional Order of Engineering Technology (POET) recognizes achievements and successful completion of education by students in the engineering technology programs at institutions of higher education. It promotes and acknowledges entry into the engineering technology profession and engenders desirable qualities of personality and character among its inductees.

    In 1993, the American Society for Engineering Education celebrated its centennial and ASEE’s Engineering Technology Council charged a committee to explore forming an order for engineering technology graduates. As part of that celebration, as well as, "20 years of Engineering Technology" at WSU, the Division of Engineering Technology organized the first induction ceremony on Tuesday, May 11, 1993, and became the founding institution. 

    There is a one-time induction for graduating students or graduates of engineering technology programs. In addition, a person with outstanding achievements in the field or one who has rendered valuable service to the profession may also be bestowed with this honor. All prospective members must be nominated and approved by the full-time faculty of the engineering technology program. Inductees must attend the initiation ceremony to become a member of the POET.

  • Society of Computer Developers

    Society of Computer Developers is an organization dedicated to providing WSU students with a community of future developers, while also preparing them for graduation.  We will do this by working on projects to build portfolios, practicing coding for interviews, and encouraging students to get a co-op and/or internship in their field before graduating. Our goal is to also provide workshops, speakers, social events, and friendly competitions between members!

  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

    The Wayne State University chapter of SHPE is committed to creating a change in lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize their fullest potential and impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development.

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

    The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is the world's leading professional society supporting lifelong manufacturing education. The WSU Student Chapter of SME was founded in March 19, 1990. The society’s purpose is to advance manufacturing knowledge. It sponsors youth programs aimed at educating children and teens about the many exciting and fulfilling careers in engineering and manufacturing. SME’s Education Foundation provides college-level scholarships and grants programs that develop key competencies in graduates to fill skill gaps identified by industry leaders. And, SME’s lifelong learning continues the education of today’s professionals to keep their skills up to date. SME promotes an increased awareness of manufacturing engineering and helps keep manufacturing professionals up to date on leading trends and technologies through  member programs, publications, expositions and professional development resources. SME recognizes the outstanding contributions of America's youngest manufacturing engineers and celebrates the innovation they represent.

  • Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)

    The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) was founded on July 1,1995 in California. The SPIE organization is related to the field of optics and photonics.

  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

    Engineering students face many challenges and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is here to help encourage women to pursue careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering professions as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity.

  • Tau Beta Pi

    Tau Beta Pi is the national engineering honor society, founded in 1885 by Dr. Edward H. Williams, Jr. while a professor at Lehigh University. Its purpose is to recognize engineering students of distinguished scholarship and exemplary character, and "to foster a spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges." Now with more than 554,000 initiated members, the society has 248 collegiate chapters, and 70 chartered alumnus chapters. Tau Beta Pi has a worldwide reputation because of its high standards for membership.

  • Theta Tau

    Theta Tau is the nation’s largest and foremost professional engineering fraternity. Since its foundation at the University of Minnesota in 1904, more than 35,000 men and women have joined its ranks. Epsilon Beta chapter was installed on May 19, 1951 at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. The chapter has seen almost 500 members and currently retains a roster of 25-30 active members. Epsilon Beta upholds the national purpose to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. The fraternity sponsors a multitude of professional development events, social and brotherhood activities, and philanthropic fundraisers.

  • Wayne Robotics Club (WRC)

    Description - We aim to push the boundaries in robotics by demonstrating what today's technology is capable of, we also want to integrate industry standard practices to ensure that we produce the best possible quality of workmanship.

    We want to leave a lasting impact on the youth of our community, show them that they are the future of the country and inspire them to go out and create something unique.

    28th Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition

    • Wayne State Robotics Club Website
    • President: Luay Jawad
    • Managing Director: Manavendra Desai
    • Faculty Advisors -  Dr. Abhilash Pandya (ECE) and Dr. Marco Brocanelli (CS)