Co-op and internship registration

Register for co-op/internship program

If you've been offered a co-op or internship opportunity by a company, you are able to register for the free, 0-credit co-op course (BE3500) to have your co-op experience documented on your transcript. Registering your co-op is easy, and allows the university to provide additional support services and safe guards to students. Registering your co-op also ensures that your co-op experience is well documented to employers when you go to apply for your first job after graduation.

Co-op Program process for Engineering & Computer Science students  

  1. Meet with academic advisor to review co-op eligibility (***International students see OISS Advisor first)
  2. Complete the Request An Experience form on Handshake: Engineering Experience Registration Form
  3. Upload a copy of your offer letter to Handshake 
  4. Engineering Career Resource Center staff will review your request 
  5. After your request has been approved in Handshake, your Engineering Academic Advisor will issue an override.
  6. Register for BE 3500

End of the semester for Engineering & Computer Science students

  1. Submit final report or powerpoint showcasing co-op activities to Assistant Dean Auerbach
  2. Satisfactory grade (S) will be posted to academic record for BE 3500 once requirements are complete

International students

International students seeking internships or full-time jobs while studying in the U.S. need to make sure they are well aware of the rules and regulations set forth by Wayne State's Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) and the U.S. government.

It can be more costly for a company to hire international students due to the fees associated with sponsorship paperwork, so it is important that international students looking for an internship/work are well versed on the process.

Make sure you are familiar with your graduation requirements and deadlines as well as the U.S. hiring practices and immigration laws. The  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website can get you started.

Students on F1 visas also need to make sure they are well aware of their CPT/OPT start dates and requirements in order to apply for internships/jobs with enough time to begin CPT/OPT at the start of a new semester.