Mission and objectives

Mission statement

The department's mission is to conduct cutting-edge research, provide educational opportunities to students for life-long careers in computing, promote entrepreneurship for students and faculty, and engage in activities of the professional communities.


The Department of Computer Science achieves its mission by pursuing the following objectives:

Research objectives

  • To strengthen areas of current excellence, in order to reinforce department identity, cohesion, and opportunities for internal collaboration and student involvement.
  • To develop cooperative research relationships within and outside the computer science discipline, as well as with industry, government, alumni and local organizations.
  • To continue to pursue a high level of research productivity.
  • To assume leadership in our research areas of excellence.

Education objectives

  • To teach students how to apply the principles of computer science, mathematics and scientific investigation to solve real-world problems appropriate to the discipline.
  • To teach students lifelong learning skills, which will allow them to successfully adapt to evolving technologies throughout their professional careers.
  • To prepare students for employment and advanced studies, and provide them with significant experiences in complex software development for real-world problems.
  • To teach students effective teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills that enable them to work with others effectively in their professional careers.
  • To prepare students to function ethically and responsibly, and to be conscious of ethical, social, global, legal, security and professional issues related to computing.

Entrepreneurship objectives

  • To achieve a high level of faculty and student innovation and entrepreneurship via curriculum and other resources.
  • To create faculty and student ventures.

Engagement objectives

  • To continue to pursue leadership in professional societies.
  • To proactively engage with governmental and civic organizations, NGOs, and non-profits toward societal benefits.