Earning a degree from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Wayne State University gives you the tools needed to create a faster smartphone, a thinner laptop or a more powerful automotive navigation system. Electrical and computer engineers design and build the gadgets people use every day, as well as the computer hardware within larger systems such as airplanes and robotic assembly lines.

At Wayne State's College of Engineering, you'll learn from nationally renowned faculty experts and benefit from our high-impact practices of student success: hands-on experience, global perspective, undergraduate research, internships and co-ops, and community service.

With a degree in electrical and computer engineering, you will understand how devices we use everyday work at both the hardware and software levels. You can then branch your career into automotive, energy, health care, robotics, business or even aerospace. Just ask yourself what fuels your passion, and do it!

Abhilash Pandya

Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty