Research and faculty

Electrical and computer engineering students at Wayne State are positioned to provide leadership in emerging growth areas that will shape the future, including:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Computer systems and networks
  • Intelligent control and robotics
  • Nanotechnology and system-on-chip
  • Power and energy systems
  • Signal processing and communications

Wayne State researchers have effective engineering design capabilities and an awareness of cost, safety, sustainability and accessibility. Applications of their work include:

  • Development of smaller, cheaper and more powerful computers, microprocessors and other data processors stemming from advances in solid-state and integrated circuit technology and their utilization in a growing range of system applications
  • Growing use of data communications and sophisticated satellite communication networks
  • Use of lasers, and the development of fiber optic and integrated optical devices for various applications ranging from optical data processing to communication
  • Development of sophisticated control techniques, remote sensors and transducers for advanced automation and electric power systems
  • Application of electronics to health care and diagnostics (such as noninvasive measurements and ultrasound imaging)
  • Energy conversion devices

The recently renovated College of Engineering building contains seven instructional and eight research laboratories, including a clean-room facility and computer labs.