Master of Science in electrical engineering: semiconductor engineering (online)

Semiconductors are fundamental components of modern electronic devices — vehicles, computers, smartphones, video games and more. They're also big business — the global semiconductor market is expected to grow to $1.38 trillion in 2029.

Wayne State University's online master's program in semiconductor engineering is the first of its kind in Michigan and the second online semiconductor engineering program in the U.S. Whether you are here in the Great Lakes State — the automotive leader of the world and a top-10 region in semiconductor job growth — or taking classes from afar, we will help you stand out among the next generation of chip designers and manufacturers.

What you'll learn in semiconductor engineering

This online M.S. in electrical engineering with a concentration in semiconductor engineering program, delivered by Wayne State's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, offers students and working professionals with backgrounds in electrical engineering, computer science, physics or chemistry a comprehensive skillset that can be immediately applied in the semiconductor engineering domain.

Students will gain technical training and expertise that will prepare them to:

  • Design, fabricate and test semiconductor devices, interfaces and structures
  • Use critical thinking and creativity to solve technological challenges facing manufacturers and industry leaders
  • Address the talent shortage in the semiconductor industry and fuel U.S. efforts toward self-reliance in chip manufacturing


This online program requires the completion of a minimum of 30 credits via Plan C of online coursework (with the option of 6 credits for industrial internships). Core courses will explore topics such as solid-state electronics, nanoelectronics, sensors, circuit design and VLSI systems. Students can take electives in alternative energy, embedded systems, power management and other areas. The availability of course options enables you to concentrate on particular areas of interest such automotive electronics, analog circuit design and CMOS VLSI design.

Real-world experiences and opportunities in semiconductor engineering

You'll have opportunities to advance your studies and become a leader in semiconductor engineering through a comprehensive multidisciplinary curriculum. Alongside distinguished Wayne State faculty advisors and fellow students, you will apply engineering principles and theories to semiconductor engineering challenges.

Wayne State is a preeminent urban research university with strong ties to Michigan's automotive industry, in which the demand for semiconductors and microelectronics essential components in modern vehicles, especially EVs is growing. Developing semiconductor engineering skills for job opportunities in this area therefore becomes critical as well. Our online master's program can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to fulfill this increasing demand and excel in this field.

Career outlook for individuals with an M.S. in electrical engineering: semiconductor engineering

In 2022, the U.S. passed the CHIPS and Science Act to invest more than $52 billion into the country's semiconductor research, manufacturing and workforce development. This initiative translates to as many as 90,000 new semiconductor fabrication jobs. Wayne State will prepare you for careers in roles such as:

  • Semiconductor process engineer
  • Product development engineer
  • System software architect
  • Logic design engineer
  • Design automation and methodology engineer
  • Application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design engineer
  • Engineering management

Learn more about Wayne State University's M.S. in semiconductor engineering

The online master's in semiconductor engineering at Wayne State University will provide you with the skills and training necessary to succeed in creating safer and more efficient versions of the devices we use in everyday life, as well as advancing burgeoning technologies in clean energy, quantum computing and the Internet of Things. With broad interdisciplinary knowledge and hands-on experience, you'll stand out in the semiconductor domain and you'll connect with a global network of Wayne State alumni who are leaders in their fields.