Professional education

One source tailored to your needs

There is no shortage of organizations offering short courses and training in Lean, Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, Leadership, Globalization, etc. The Department  of Industrial and Systems Engineering, in conjunction with other departments at Wayne State University, is unique in that it can address almost all of your professional education needs.

Customer focus

Equally as important, our customer-focused strategy means that we will tailor courses to fit your needs. In addition, we have the ability to follow up the courses by working with the participants and their respective companies to apply the principles to immediate high-impact projects. Our strategic focus is the globalization of engineering and manufacturing management, GEMM for short. This applies to the entire automotive industry from OEM to its broad network of tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers.


Below is an array of courses we can deliver to your organization or group of organizations.

  • Globalization/engineering/management/global leadership/automotive engineering statistics
  • Provide engineers with a business perspective
  • Global cross-cultural teams
  • Six Sigma
  • Technology change management
  • Global product development
  • Lean
  • Project management
  • Sourcing to emerging markets
  • Reliability risk management
  • Global markets
  • Statistical process control
  • Finance and accounting for engineers
  • Global supply chains
  • Product and process reviews
  • Marketing for engineers
  • Value engineering
  • Decision and risk analysis

For more information contact Dr. Kenneth Chelst at or 313-577-3857.