Masters level programs

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering has a continually expanding master of science program, which is designed to help students excel in both industry and academia. Master's programs available include:

Jeremy Rickli, Associate Professor, Industrial and Systems EngineeringThe M.S. in artificial intelligence provides students with a broad foundation in artificial intelligence (AI), combined with experience in in-depth application areas. This interdisciplinary offering provides students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in spaces where rapid adoption of these burgeoning technologies is most evident, including manufacturing, health care, retail, aerospace, automotive and logistics. The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering delivers the Industrial AI concentration track, while two other concentrations are hosted by the Computer Science and the Electrical and Computer Engineering departments.

The M.S. in data science and business analytics engages students in a unique interdisciplinary approach to learning data science that leverages collaboration between the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and the Mike Illitch School of Business.

The M.S. in industrial engineering boasts three concentrations.

  • Lean systems
  • Analytics
  • Systems engineering

The M.S. in manufacturing engineering offers three concentrations.

  • Advanced manufacturing systems
  • Quality engineering
  • Smart manufacturing

The M.S. in engineering management builds industrial engineering technical competence and business acumen to support fast-to-market strategies while guaranteeing quality and cost minimization.

Wayne State also offers a 12-credit bridge certificate in Systems Engineering designed for technical professionals with work experience who are passionate about systems engineering and searching for a pathway to graduate degree opportunities.

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering's programs welcome students from a variety of backgrounds, including most engineering disciplines, mathematics and business. Specific policies within the department encourage industrial internship experiences for domestic and international students, aided by a broad offering of evening classes available for working students.