Minor in mechanical engineering

A minor in mechanical engineering (ME) offers students enrolled in other disciplines a solid and comprehensive background in key mechanical engineering topics such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, manufacturing, and advanced design. It provides students with skills that are useful across many disciplines and opens up career opportunities in various sectors such as energy, infrastructure,manufacturing, robotics, aerospace, automotive, and biomedical.


The minor in mechanical engineering requires a minimum of 14 credits as outlined below. Students must satisfy the math prerequisites prior to registering:

Course number Course title Semester offered
ME 2200 Thermodynamics (Cr. 3) Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer
ME 3300 Fluid Mechanics: Theory and Lab (Cr. 4) Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer
ME 3450 Manufacturing Processes I (Cr. 3) Fall and Winter

Select one of the following two courses:

Course number Course title Semester offered
ME 4150 Design of Machine Elements (Cr. 4) Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer
ME 4210 Heat Transfer: Theory and Laboratory (Cr. 4) Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer