Data science and artificial intelligence

Data science is a fast-growing STEM field that spans areas of computing, statistics, and operations research to drive business value. Using a combination of models, applications and algorithms, data scientists track and interpret data clusters, and that information can be used to develop insights for making better and timely (actionable) decisions. They also use artificial intelligence as a predictive tool and as a means to identify patterns while replicating human cognition.

There has arisen incredible demand for individuals that can synthesize meaningful narratives from data to transform all aspects of an organization. This expertise is critical to transforming organizations into data-driven businesses and is rapidly becoming a key requirement for success in the 21st century. The AI, Big Data & Analytics Group is comprised of more than 70 faculty members and 50 research students from across Wayne State University who collaborate on big data and business analytics projects that cover such sectors as health care, automotive and defense.

WSU's interdisciplinary approach to data science gives students the opportunity to learn directly from top international authorities on business intelligence, developers of cutting-edge analytics techniques in statistics and operations research, and world leaders in big data and high-performance computing.