Mobility is an ever-evolving discipline, shaped by technological advances that transform our cities and further our abilities to move things and people faster, safer and farther. Located in the heart of Detroit, four unique qualities position Wayne State University as a global mobility leader.


Understanding the importance of alternative fuels and vehicle electrification, Wayne State was the first university in the nation to launch an electric-drive vehicle engineering program and an alternative energy technology master's program. As autonomy presents new opportunities, we continue to keeping our ear to the road, anticipating new challenges and adjusting focus to proactively address the needs shaping the field.


Wayne State is home for the interdisciplinary research that transforms mobility. In the College of Engineering and throughout the university, computer scientists pursue breakthroughs in edge computing and autonomous vehicle technology; engineers revolutionize batteries and vehicle electrification; and urban planning and legal experts prepare urban areas for the infrastructure and policy changes that will put advanced vehicles on the road. In 2020, the university established the Wayne Mobility Initiative to promote coordination, collaboration and innovation across Wayne State.

As new technology becomes market ready, alumni in the Mike Ilitch School of Business and members of TechTown, our business incubator, will lead the startups and corporations that bring them to consumers.


In 2019, Wayne State partnered with the Michigan Mobility Institute to create the Center for Advanced Mobility. This unique collaboration aligns academia and industry to shape a curriculum that prepares students to shape the future of mobility, with focuses on autonomous driving, connectivity, smart infrastructure and electrification. This is just one example of our long history of partnerships across industry, academia and government, with many of our collaborators located just steps from campus.


We've driven these roads, walked these streets and made our home in the Motor City for more than 150 years. In addition to our state-of-the-art research facilities, the city serves as our laboratory, a testbed to put new technology on the road, understand how vehicles perform in and navigate urban environments, and create solutions that keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

Mobility demands will continue to shift. The need will never stop growing which is why Wayne State University never stops moving.