Health engineering and informatics

Whenever you go to the doctor, you benefit not only from the expertise of physicians and medical scientists, but from engineers as well. From electronic health records, to diagnostic devices, to rehabilitative and regenerative treatments, to personalized medicine, the impact engineers and computer scientists have on medicine is more evident every day.

Advancements in diagnostic imaging have led to fewer surgeries and other invasive procedures. When surgery is unavoidable, the talented physicians who perform those operations may have had the benefit of training on advanced robotic systems that make the most intricate movements more manageable. Data analysis and automation provides physicians with more real-time information than ever before, accelerating decision-making, improving health care delivery and furthering health equity across all populations.

Wayne State is closing the gap between engineering and medicine. Researchers in our college possess immense problem-solving skills, and their knack for innovation combined with the medical expertise of health care professionals and our collaborators in the School of Medicine is breaking new ground for how we diagnose, monitor and treat patients.