Uma Raghavan - Hall of Fame 2022

Computer Science

Uma Raghavan, M.S. ’94, is an entrepreneur in residence for the AI2 Incubator, an initiative of the Allen Institute in Seattle, Washington, and the CEO of a stealth healthcare/AI startup. Raghavan was previously the founder and CTO of Integris, a VC-funded enterprise software company, where she was responsible for the core technology vision of putting enterprise privacy at the intersection of core computer science constructs of microservices, containerization, distributed computing and machine learning. She hired and led the engineering team responsible for the product’s architecture and execution, and was the technologist leader selling the Integris product to CTOs of large Fortune 500 companies. Raghavan is a 25-year veteran technology executive with a successful track record of designing, building and operating large web-scale software systems for eBay, Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart and Daimler Chrysler. She is known for her expertise in data infrastructure and deep distributed computing, and has lent that expertise to support large e-commerce websites, build cloud data platforms and construct complex backend systems for ordering, payments, fulfillment, supply chain, transportation and logistics. She holds a bachelor’s in engineering from Bangalore University in India, and a master’s in computer science from Wayne State University. Raghavan is a member of the College of Engineering’s Women’s Executive Leadership Society.

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