Project sponsorship


Put our data smart warriors to work for you!

Our parternships with community and industry practicum sponsors are a critical component to the success of our MS in Data Science and Business Analytics program (MSDSBA). We are happy to be able to provide both our students and our partners with mututally beneficial resources. 

Community and industry support of practicum projects allow students to gain practicial experience in the data science and business analytics industry. At the same time, our partners are provided with well-prepared and eager graduates who are ready to contiribute to their organizations.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • High impact project results: Team projects consist of highly visible data science and business analytics challenges with both engineering and business components. A successful team project is one which could add value to your organization, potentially resulting in a significant return on your company's investment and improving its competitive advantage.
  • Early recruiting opportunities: Team projects help with your recruiting efforts, giving you early access to our bright and talented students. Once a team has been assembled, team projects provide a highly effective evaluation and recruitment environment.
  • No long-term committment:  Teams will work closely with the sponsoring organization throughout the project. Once complete, teams will handoff the project by delivering all the code sets and tools along with a final results presentation to the sponsoring organization.

Team Project Roles and Responsibilities

  • The project sponsor is responsible for identifying a project topic/scope that is well aligned with the strengths of the MSDSBA program and for providing access to necessary data and key support staff for continued project progress monitoring and timely feedback.
  • Faculty advisors will help the project sponsor in selecting a topic and will be responsible for mentoring the students for successful project development and impact.
  • Student teams are responsible for developing necessary solutions and technologies for delivering a purposeful and impactful solution and for providing supporting documentation.
  • All parties involved will execute a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), if necesssary, to protect any sensitive and confidential information from sponsor as well as resulting intellectual property.

Team Project Investment

You are invited to put the power of Wayne State University's MSDSBA program to work for your business as a sponsoring company. The sponsor fee is determined by the scope of the project and covers the cost of project administration and faculty involvement.

You may submit a project proposal by completing the proposal form.  In addition, you can also download sample project proposals. For more information, contact Prof. Ratna Babu Chinnam, Program Director: