Professional engineering management master's program

For more than 20 years, Wayne State University has provided a world-class education to Ford Motor Company through its signature program, the Engineering Management Master's Program (EMMP). Designed for engineers with high potential on the path to leadership, the program began with the idea that future leadership would require a wide range of business and engineering skills to be globally competitive. Graduates earn a Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) degree from Wayne State University. The program prepares experienced engineers for progressive responsibility within the technical arena, developing them as leaders and change agents. A special emphasis is placed on cultivating knowledge and skills that students can use immediately. Following two years of course work, students execute team-based leadership projects over the final year of the program. These projects serve as a capstone to the EMMP educational experience. Students take corporate priorities and translate them into high-visibility projects, providing immediate impact to the student and company.

An on-campus version of EMMP, the Master of Science in Engineering Management, is offered to individuals not employed by Ford.

Program goals

  • Develop systematic, analytic frameworks to support decision making
  • Develop skills to manage technology and change
  • Develop systems engineering expertise
  • Develop business and human resource management skills
  • Apply learning to improve product development and the manufacturing enterprise 

Key benefits

The engineering management core covers subjects that are important to managing an engineering, manufacturing or technical function. The business core presents an overview of business topics critical to the engineering manager. Instead of organizing courses into traditional structures, EMMP organizes them to target critical issues facing technology-based product development and manufacturing enterprises. This format results in a program focused on engineering management issues. Courses cover analysis and system design tools supporting strategies for success.

Engineering and business together

EMMP is a unique program that capitalizes on the synergy between the College of Engineering and the School of Business Administration at Wayne State University. This combines the strengths of faculty members in disciplines into a powerful and unmatched set of analytical skills.  

About automotive engineering management

The WSU EMMP is one of the only programs of its kind with a specific automotive focus. It is located in Detroit, at the core of the North American automotive industry. The EMMP faculty and advisors are industry experts with many years of experience in the automotive industry. EMMP combines the latest developments from the academic disciplines of business and engineering with leadership experience in complex product development and manufacturing organizations. Students gain knowledge and skills that can be applied immediately within their organizations.

Real-world problem solving

Students learn to apply EMMP tools such as Decision and Risk Analysis to opportunities arising in the context of their everyday roles. The hands-on student environment, coupled with targeted team projects, makes EMMP unmatched by other engineering management programs.

Business and engineering partnership

The College of Engineering and School of Business Administration have partnered to produce a unique program, specifically focusing on the needs of future engineering managers by integrating the most pertinent ideas and tools from each discpline.

Global perspective

Students gain an understanding of best practices for cross-cultural business, communication and negotiations and the global environments of marketing, product development, and manufacturing.

Unique automotive focus

EMMP advisors and faculty have decades of automotive industry experience and bring expertise to bear in continually refining the program in light of industry changes. The combination of students' knowledge and WSU's experience make for a anique and highly-focused synergy.

Leadership networks

EMMP draws Ford Motor Company leadership into the classroom for relevant topic discussions. Guest visits by corporate executives such as Alan Mulally, Mark Fields, and Raj Nair, and ,any others contribute to the student's learning and networking opportunities.

Immediate value

Not only does EMMP provide a quick ROI for the organization through high value team projects, it also provides immediate value to the students through skill development and group networking that can be utilized in the working environment.

Program format

EMMP is a lock-step program that students complete in three years. Students attend courses two evenings per week. The program requires 45 semester hours of graduate study from four principal components:

  • Engineering management core
  • Business core
  • Systems engineering cognate
  • Engineering management leadership projects

Leadership projects

The EMMP leadership project serves as a capstone to the EMMP educational experience. During the third year of the program, teams of four or five students work on strategic issues of major concern to the company as identified by Ford's senior management. These leadership projects require students to apply the skills and knowledge gained throughout their course work to produce a real-world impact at Ford Motor Company.

Who qualifies?

Admission to EMMP is by Ford Motor Company management nomination only

  • Minimum BS in Engineering (preferred), or another discipline with a significant course load in mathematics
  • Minimum 3 years of full-time engineering work experience
  • Meet the admission requirements of the WSU Graduate School and the College of Engineering

EMMP admission requirements

Admission to EMMP is by management nomination only. Candidates must have an undergraduate degree in engineering (preferred) or another discipline with a significant courseload in mathematics, and at least three years of full-time engineering work experience. Prospective students must also meet the admission requirements of the WSU Graduate School and the College of Engineering.

Ford program

Ford employees should contact Human Resources for admissions/nomination information. The university program group can also be contacted on 313-845-5255 or for additional information.

General inquiries

Please send general inquiries to the EMMP Project Manager Jay Johnson or call at 313-577-3821.

EMMP application checklist

  1. Application
  2. Official transcripts from all post-secondary education institutions.
  3. A current resume
  4. Statement of purpose

Please send all of these documents directly to Jay Johnson:

C/O Jay Johnson
4815 Fourth St. Room 2055
Detroit, MI 48201

If you have any questions regarding any of these items, please contact Jay Johnson for clarification.