Admission requirements

Requirements established in admission process

Attention must be paid to any restrictions established in the admission process. Such restrictions often deal with the requirements to take courses above the 32-credit minimum in the case of MSIE and MSME programs and above 42-credit minimum in the case of the MSEM program to make up for background deficiencies. Occasionally, there is reason to change these stipulations made in the admission process. The only way to change any requirements established in the admission process is through a "Memo of Change" initiated by the appropriate program coordinator (identified along with the program description). If such a change memo has not been processed, the student will be required to satisfy all requirements established in the admission process. This may impact the ability of the student to graduate on time. Apply to the program via the Graduate School application.

Academic standing

The Master of Science student is required to earn at least a 3.0 (or B) average to satisfy degree requirements. Any student receiving a grade of C+ or lower will be placed on probation. Two grades of C+ or lower will result in dismissal from the program. In addition, the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Students are permitted to repeat a maximum of one course to improve their GPA. Permission to repeat a course must be approved before the course is taken. Applications to repeat a course can be obtained from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Forms must be returned to the office for processing by the departmental student advisor. Repeating a course will result in the old grade being replaced by the new grade earned.
  • Students must achieve a minimum of a B grade in the courses in the core program. The core courses are detailed in the description of each of the Master of Science programs.

Probability and Statistics prerequisite

All M.S. graduate programs offered by the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department require prerequisite knowledge of basic probability and statistics. To ensure that students have the prerequisite knowledge, we require students to take BE2100 (Probability and Statistics for Engineers) or an equivalent course to BE2100 within five years. Alternately, students can take a not-for-credit refresher course in probability and statistics. There is no fee for this refresher course. Students are required to obtain the equivalent of B in this refresher course. Or, a placement exam can be recommended.

Application for graduation

It is your responsibility to file an Application for Graduation with the university Records Office. They are located at: 1 West Helen Newberry Joy Administrative Services Building. Their telephone number is 313-577-3531. This application must be filed by the first day of class of the student's final semester.

For more information, view the MS Handbook