Professional Engineering Management Master's Program (EMMP)

*Ford Motor Company only*

Program summary

For more than 20 years, Wayne State University has provided a world-class education to Ford Motor Company through its signature program, the Engineering Management Master's Program (EMMP). Designed for engineers with high potential on the path to leadership, the program began with the idea that future leadership would require a wide range of business and engineering skills to be globally competitive. Graduates earn a Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) degree from Wayne State University. The program prepares experienced engineers for progressive responsibility within the technical arena, developing them as leaders and change agents. A special emphasis is placed on cultivating knowledge and skills that students can use immediately. Following two years of course work, students execute team-based leadership projects over the final year of the program. These projects serve as a capstone to the EMMP educational experience. Students take corporate priorities and translate them into high-visibility projects, providing immediate impact to the student and company.

The program requires commitment by management to sponsor candidates and support them during the program. A more detailed explanation of the program is included in the Ford EMMP brochure. Read about our Leadership Projects in our EMMP Leadership Projects brochure.

An on-campus version of EMMP, the Master of Science in Engineering Management, is offered to individuals not employed by Ford.  

Program goals

  • Develop systematic, analytic frameworks to support decision making
  • Develop skills to manage technology and change
  • Develop systems engineering expertise
  • Develop business and human resource management skills
  • Apply learning to improve product development and the manufacturing enterprise  


EMMP is a lock-step program that students complete in three years. Students attend courses two evenings per week. The program requires 45 semester hours of graduate study from four principal components:

  • Engineering management core
  • Business core
  • Systems engineering cognate
  • Engineering management leadership projects

Prospective students should contact Dr. Alper Murat, program director, for further information.