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The Wayne State University College of Engineering improves quality of life through engineering and computer science education, research innovation and entrepreneurship. Our faculty members have pioneered, educated and inspired for nearly 90 years. The college's 3,300-member student body has the privilege of working alongside expert faculty who have made discoveries, invented technologies and written textbooks in interdisciplinary fields such as automotive safety, data science and analytics, biomedical and healthcare engineering, cyber-physical systems, green technologies, smart manufacturing, transportation and water. Faculty working in the College of Engineering benefit from a diverse, supportive and inclusive environment in the unique urban setting of Midtown Detroit, which provides an abundance of industry partnerships as well as research, entrepreneurial and volunteer opportunities.

The College of Engineering's administrative staff is proficient in managing academic and student affairs, budgets, grant contracts, alumni and donor relations, marketing and communications, community engagement, career services and more in order to support the faculty and students. Staff members are committed to providing high-quality and timely services, guidance and information in order to uphold the College of Engineering's strategic priorities.