Summer Academy scholarships

Scholarship/Financial Aid Opportunities

The Office of Community Engagement and K-12 Outreach partners with non-profit organizations that offer scholarships and financial assistance to students interested in attending the Summer Academy. Awards are based on demonstrated financial need and meeting other eligibility and selection criteria. There are a limited number of full and partial scholarships and financial assistance available.

Scholarship Eligibility and Application Requirements

Eligibility and deadline requirements will differ from each partner. Please visit the links below for more detail. Our office will receive notification that your child has been awarded scholarship/financial assistance. We may require additional registration information upon notification.

Wayne State University C&IT Summer Engagement Scholarship

  • Students interested in a science, technology or math (STEM) & related camp at Wayne State University.
  • Eligible students must qualify for free or reduced lunch and provide documentation. 
  • This scholarship will cover the full cost of a STEM-related camp at Wayne State University. 
  • If a student qualifies for another scholarship that does not cover the full cost of a camp, this scholarship will cover the remaining cost. 
  • Applying does not guarantee a student a scholarship or a place in a camp. 
  • Applying is simple, call 313-577-0783 or email with any questions!

C2 Pipeline

  • Students must be currently in the 8th grade through 11th grade.  
  • Students may attend any Michigan high school. - ***UPDATE***
  • Students will only register with C2 Pipeline to be considered for scholarship/financial aid.
  • Students can apply for day camp or residential camp
  • All registration details will be forwarded to our office for engineering and computer science camps.

Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP)

  • All DAPCEP scholarships have been awarded. 

BUF of Michigan 

  • ACE Aviation Career Education Academy.  
  • Students must be currently in the 7th grade through 11th grade.  
  • To be considered for scholarship/financial aid, families must apply on the BUF of Michigan website (by June 16, 2021)
  • BUF will notify our office once scholarship/financial aid has been awarded.

Community/Schools/Company Tuition Assistance Programs