Senior design capstone

Three students pose with their Dual Axis Solar TrackerAll undergraduate students complete a Senior Design Capstone project as part of their degree program. This course is the culmination of their studies and allows them an opportunity to demonstrate how their skills can be used to solve real-world problems. The following knowledge and experience is incorporated into the course:

  1. Teamwork
  2. Leadership
  3. Ethical issues in computing
  4. Meeting clients' needs
  5. Presentations at each project milestone

This course gives students an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned, as well as gain practical experience working with clients to develop a real-world industry solution.

Poster information

This is an opportunity to display your work to the entire Wayne State University community, so please pay attention to detail when creating your content. Be sure to use spelling/grammar check and to include quality images. Posters will be printed in portrait format (24"x36").

On Friday, April 21, 2023, 50 teams from the College of Engineering presented their Capstone designs to faculty, friends, family, and students. The competition was fierce, and everyone who attended enjoyed seeing an array of innovative, creative, and unique designs. 

The 2023 winning teams are:

First place, Mechanical Engineering

Team Autonomous Robotic Lego Stacker:
Malidia Mansour, Shantel Alojipan, Nathan Tumminello, and Ahmed Saleh

Second place, Mechanical Engineering

Team Automated Sorting Stack Assembly Tool:
Nicolas Trevino, Hunter Jacobs, Alexander Grzanowski, and John Felts

Third place, Mechanical Engineering

Team Offshore Floating Wind Turbine Wave Emulator:
Jacob Mass, Abdur Shishir, Prince Payyappilly, and Marina Tarlev

Additional Dean's awards:

  • Team Adipose Tissue Removal from Epidural Space, Biomedical Engineering: Maryam Halim, Maria Teodoro, Elliot Widd, and Kevin Zheng
  • Team Resurget Concrete Canoe, Civil & Environmental Engineering: Knicko Angelo Mojica, Ebby Alhakam, Ellen Pierce, and Kelvin Selegean
  • Team VR First Aid Training Tool, Computer Science: Jeremy Cavallo, Luka Cvetko, Slav Ivaskiv, and Robert Tedeschi
  • Team AI Self-Driving Car, Electrical and Computer Engineering: Kamal Awad, Hasan Yahfoufi, Ali Darwiche, and Mohammad Nassrallah
  • Team WAT Water Management Team, Engineering Technology: Vincent Coscione, Marco Calozzo, and Bryan Cochren

We would like to congratulate all 50 teams that participated in Senior Capstone Design Day!  Well done teams!

The next Senior Design Capstone showcase will be Thursday, April 18, 2024.