First-year Spotlight on Design

3D-printed trophyFall term engineering/computer science students enrolled in Basic Engineering  (BE) 1200 Engineering Design 1 exhibit their engineered group projects in a fun interactive First Year Spotlight on Design event.   Fellow students, BE 1200 students' family members, and local high schools/community members are invited to interact with the groups, view their projects, and vote for their favorite engineered design.  The winning team has bragging rights to our 3D-printed trophy, and their project design lives in our glass case. 

Fall 2019 was our inaugural First Year Spotlight on Design event; 275 first-year students created 70 projects.  Sample of the team project topics:  pizza delivery drone; smart home; folding chair; adjustable wrench; mechanical hand; toy car; vise-grip pliers; racing drone; 2D hydrocephalus model

BE 1200 is a great way to start your engineering experience, and this event is a fun way to showcase your engineering skills!