Earn a degree from the Wayne State College of Engineering and gain an edge over your competition. You'll learn the ins and outs of engineering and computer science from an internationally recognized faculty, known for pioneering the future from Midtown Detroit. You'll also be prepared to thrive as a graduate. Our college's five high-impact practices supplement the education our students receive and help them to become more well-rounded engineers and computer scientists.

Admission requirements


In order to provide sufficient time for advising and placement tests, those applying as first-year students will not be admitted to the College of Engineering after the following dates:

Fall (September-December) - August 1
Winter (January-April) - December 1
Spring/Summer (May-August) - April 1

Therefore, your completed application, including all supporting documentation, must be received by the university before this date. 

Students admitted to the university after these dates will be admitted to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as undecided. Such students may meet with engineering advisors to discuss their programs. However, placement into the correct first-semester courses for engineering is not guaranteed.

Transfer students

Transfer students may apply using the normal university deadlines, including taking advantage of walk-in admissions. However, students who are not transferring in Calculus 1 (MAT 2010) with at least a C must leave sufficient time to complete the Math Placement Examination. Students who have not completed this examination will be required to wait to take their technical courses until the following semester or begin the math sequence in MAT 0993.