The undergraduate biomedical engineering program at Wayne State has a number of required courses in math, science, engineering and general education. However, we strive to work with students to design and develop a complete program of study that meets your educational and professional goals. We encourage all students to speak early and frequently with the undergraduate student success coordinator and/or a department academic advisor to discuss curriculum options.

Each student has two department academic advisors. The department administrative academic advisor is common to all undergraduate students. Each student additionally has a professional advisor to consult for details specific to their concentrations, or to discuss options in that concentration prior to selection.


Namrata Murthy
Academic Services Officer

Mahendra Kavdia
Undergraduate Chair

To make an appointment, please visit STARS (Requires an access ID).

Please contact Namrata to discuss:

  • Admissions
  • Plan of work
  • Transfer credit
  • Registration authorizations
  • Hold releases
  • Co-ops and internships

Concentration forms should be filled out prior to the junior year and completed forms can be scanned and emailed to the undergraduate program chair for academic record review and approval, or brought in person for review and approval. Faculty advisor's signature is no longer needed on this form.

Graduate students

Current Master's students

You are required to create a plan of work (POW) and get it approved before the completion of 12 credit hours.  The Registrar's Office puts an automatic hold on student accounts preventing add/drop until the POW is approved on Degree Works. More information can be found on the Degree Works website.

Harini Sundararaghavan
Associate Professor
Graduate program director

Graduate admissions

For graduate admissions and application concerns, contact the BME graduate program coordinator.