Course registration and overrides

Registration- undergraduate
Override procedure

Registration - undergraduate

How do I register for courses?
Registration information is available via the Records and Registration office

How do I request an override?
Check the override procedure section below.

How do I register for a course that is full?
Check the override procedure information below. Professor permission is needed for a full course override. Email the professor with a specific request for a full course override for the specific course (i.e., CSC 2110) and semester. If approved, forward the email to your assigned computer science advisor and follow the override procedures in that section below. 

What classes are offered each semester?
You can view courses offered in the Schedule of Classes. You can adjust the selection to see what is offered in Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer semesters. The Undergraduate Course Bulletin lists all courses offered along with course descriptions.

How do I know who the instructor of a course is, if it is not listed yet?
Instructors are added as they are assigned each semester. Please be patient while the department adds professors and teaching assistants to the class schedule. Typically, you will need to wait until the professor is listed.

How do I have my hold released?
Having a hold released depends on the reason for the hold. Visit the Office of the Registrar's website for information on which office to contact.

If you have an academic hold such as probation, please schedule an appointment with your computer science academic advisor as soon as possible to create a plan for success.

If you have a dean's hold, please contact your computer science academic advisor.

How do I request to register for more than 18 credits in one semester (a.k.a., exceeding max credits)?
Contact your computer science academic advisor via email with your request. The advisor may also ask for you to come in to ensure your schedule is appropriate and realistic.

How do I sign up for the Math Placement Exam?
Information regarding the Math Placement Exam is available via the Testing, Evaluation and Research Services Office.

Override procedure


If you need an override for a CSC course, follow these steps.

Check that you have met the pre-requisites for the course. The pre-requisites are listed in the Schedule of Classes.

If the pre-requisite of the course requires the consent of the instructor for the particular section of the course you wish to take, you will need to provide written approval from the instructor. You can forward an email to your academic advisor from the instructor granting you permission to take the course.

If you have completed all of the required pre-requisites of the course, send an email to your academic advisor with the subject "override request." Please include the following in the email:

  • Your name and Access ID
  • CSC course number
  • CRN number of the course
  • Semester when you plan to take the course
  • The specific registration error message you are receiving
  • The form or email from the instructor with their consent (if applicable)

If you have not completed the course pre-requisites and you do not have the consent of the instructor to take the course, then you cannot get an override.


Please fill out the graduate override form so we may collect the information necessary to create an override for a graduate level College of Engineering course. If the class is FULL and/or you do not meet the pre-requisite requirements or you have a time conflict, you must have the permission of the instructor.

If you are requesting an override for directed study or internship, your Plan of Work  needs to be adjusted to include this course.  Permission of your advisor and/or graduate program director is required.  

If you are a doctoral student wanting an override into xxxx 9991-9995, do not use this form.  Request the override from  Must have candidate standing for override into xxxx 9992.