Special programs and certificates

Minor in Business Administration

The Mike Ilitch School of Business and Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering have developed a specialized version of the minor in business administration for undergraduate students majoring in industrial engineering.

The goals of the business minor are (1) to prepare students with the general business skills and knowledge they will need in order for their industrial engineering solutions to have the best possible "bottom-line" impact for their companies, and (2) provide an avenue through which to prepare for graduate study in business administration, such as through the M.B.A. degree or an M.S. in engineering management. This minor is targeted directly at the frequently cited concern of major employers that engineering graduates often do not have a broad understanding of the business enterprise and its concerns.

The business minor consists of three prerequisites, four required courses, and two electives. It is generally completed after 27 credit hours as outlined below. Following the specialized plan, industrial engineering students may complete the minor with a total of 15 credit hours with a grade of "C" or better. To be eligible to apply for the business minor, students must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5. 

Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP)

The Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP) is an exciting specialization for industrial and systems engineering undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing areas (i.e. automotive, components, etc.) or service operations (i.e. healthcare, utilities, etc.).

What is OMLP?

This program was developed as a solution to meet local manufacturing and service industry challenges in hiring and retaining first-line supervisors and managers. OMLP positions emphasize the continued increase of responsibility in operations management. The program focuses on delivering a sequence of courses, projects and applied experiences to develop the skills necessary to be successful in today's global environment. Specific courses in labor relations, leadership and project and program management are designed as electives that will benefit students, who are seeking a BSIE degree.

Program history

The OMLP Program started in 2005 and continues today as a unique program to support manufacturing and service operations.  During this time, there have been over 50 students that have graduated with a BSIE degree as part of the OMLP Program and over 102 annual scholarships have been awarded to these students.  A very large percentage of the students have received on the job internships and permanent employment at such companies as: GM, Ford, FCA, BMW, Henry Ford Health Systems, DTE, Boeing Aircraft, Faurecia, Crittenton Hospital, Emerson Electronics and many more.

Applying to OMLP

The department is recruiting academically superior students for OMLP, offering semester scholarships, summer internships and post-graduation job placement with partner companies. If you are evaluating a career in the manufacturing or service industries, the OMLP will provide the background you need for success, and the resources to help you reach your goals.