Faculty expertise

  • Biomedical imaging and instrumentation
  • Computational and systems biology
  • Injury and musculosketal biomechanics
  • Tissue engineering and biomaterials

Biomedical imaging and instrumentation

  • Zhifeng Kou

    Zhifeng Kou

    Zhifeng's faculty profile

    • Neuroimaging of traumatic brain injury
    • Biomedical signal processing (MR pulse sequence design)
    • Biomedical image processing
    • Neuroscience
  • Jitao Zhang

    Jitao Zhang

    Jitao's faculty profile

    • Brillouin microscopy
    • Stiffness and viscosity of cells, tissue and biomaterials
    • Clinical application in combating birth defects and cancers

Computational and systems biology

  • Mahendra Kavdia

    Mahendra Kavdia

    Mahendra's faculty profile

    • Vascular systems biology and bioengineering
    • Computational and multiscale modeling of biological and physiological systems
    • Biotransport, signal transduction and reaction network
    • Nitric oxide, reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species; oxidative and nitrosative stress
    • Endothelial cell dysfunction, blood substitutes
    • Mechanisms of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and age-related vascular complications

Injury and musculoskeletal biomechanics

  • Cynthia Bir

    Cynthia Bir

    Cynthia's faculty profile

    • Forensic bioengineering
    • Law enforcement safety
    • Biomechanical analysis of MTBI associated with football
    • Evaluation of the cumulative concussive effect of heading in youth soccer
    • Evaluation of acceleration techniques for measuring head impact bbiomechanics
    • Correlation between punch dynamics and risk of injury: Biomedical analysis of a boxer's punch
    • Assessment of MTBI in female boxers
  • E. Peter Washabaugh

    E. Peter Washabaugh

    E. Peter's faculty profile

    • Designing and testing robotic devices for therapy
  • Liying Zhang

    Liying Zhang

    Liying's faculty profile

    • Injury biomechanics
    • Mechanisms of head injury from impact, sports and blast loading
    • Experimental and computational modeling of brain injury in humans and animal models
    • Helmet impact performance and protection
    • Open-field blast experiments and simulations
    • Axonal neuropathology 
    • Physiology and blood protein biomarkers  
    • Clinical studies
  • Cameron ‘Dale’ Bass

    Cameron ‘Dale’ Bass

    Cameron 'Dale' Bass' faculty profile

    • Assessing human injury and/or fatality risk from various vocational, occupational, vehicular, and military exposures

Tissue engineering and biomaterials

  • Mai Lam

    Mai Lam

    Mai's faculty profile

    • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
    • Biomaterials applications
    • Cardiac and musculoskeletal systems
    • Stem cell differentiation and transplantation
    • Cellular and tissue biomechanics
    • Extracellular matrix interactions
    • Cell adhesion
    • Translational studies
  • Ulrike Klueh

    Ulrike Klueh

    Ulrike's faculty profile

    • Role of inflammation and wound healing in controlling performance and function of implantable devices and biomaterials in vitro and in vivo
    • Biomarkes for clinical management of diabetic foot ulcers
    • Disparities and diabetes technology
    • Role of environmental pollutants and diabetes
  • Harini Sundararaghavan

    Harini Sundararaghavan

    Harini's faculty profile

    • Neural tissue engineering
    • Designing polymeric scaffolds for directed cell migration
    • Three-dimensional tissue-engineered gradients: chemotaxis, haptotaxis, durotaxis
    • Directing differentiation of adult stem cells
    • Microfluidics/soft lithography
    • Electrospinning