Labs and facilities

The recently renovated College of Engineering building contains seven instructional and eight research laboratories, including a clean-room facility and computer labs. 

Computer Assisted Robot Enhanced Systems (CARES)

The Computer-Assisted Robot-Enhanced Systems (CARES) is part of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and is housed in the Engineering Building on Wayne State University's main campus in the heart of Detroit.  It is directed by Professor Abhilash Pandya.

We research, develop and test enhancements for robotic applications that include medical, military, and space exploration.  Our researchers have expertise in areas including AI, augmented reality,  robotic kinematics, simulation, hardware  and software development as applied to robotics.  We have worked closely with local hospitals (Children's Hospital/DMC), NASA, and the US Army to ensure that our research has a meaningful impact. 

CARES YouTube channel

Nano Fabrication Facility (nFAB)

nFab is a shared facility managed by the Office of the Vice president for Research that has state-of-the-art major research equipment for nano fabrication and material characterization. nFab's equipment and foundry services are available to all researchers in the university community. Currently, nFab has two full-time staff to maintain equipment and to train students.

Power and Control Lab

Power and Control Lab supports the research and development activities of power electronic converters, power systems, electric vehicles, and sustainable energy development. In addition to various circuit components and high-accuracy meters, the lab has a range of the-state-of-the-art equipment, including Keysight and Magna power supplies up to 45 kW, electronic load and resistive load banks, oscilloscopes with high voltage differential probes, Yogokawa power analyzer, LISNs, and spectrum analyzer. The lab is equipped with a battery testing and characterization system, electric machines and machine drives, and power system simulation software (including PowerWorld) for analysis of large transmission grids as well as distribution networks. The lab also has power electronic simulation software programs, including PSim, PSpice, and Matlab/Simulink. A renewable microgrid consisting of a 5kW wind turbine, 3.5 kW solar panel, and a 48kWh battery storage unit has been implemented and running in the lab since 2011.

Wayne Center for Integrated Circuits and Systems (WINCAS)

WINCAS research center focuses on the design of integrated analog and mixed-signal circuits toward the development of smart and efficient electronic chips using state-of-the-art technologies to build smart, multi-functional, ultra-low power systems that can autonomously sense and actuate in a broad spectrum of applications. This will significantly impact the automotive industry, healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet-of-things (IoT).