Faculty expertise

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Computer systems and networks
  • Intelligent control and robotics
  • Nanotechnology and system-on-chip
  • Power and energy systems
  • Signal processing and communications

Artificial intelligence

  • Mohammed Alawad

    Mohammed Alawad

    Faculty profile

    • Hardware accelerators for AI 
    • Secure and robust AI 
    • AI for natural language processing
    • Power-aware computer systems  
    • Reconfigurable system architectures 
    • Embedded systems 
    • Edge computing
  • Mohammad Alhawari

    Mohammad Alhawari

    Faculty profile

    • Neuromorphic computing for AI
    • Analog and digital computing for AI
    • Hardware accelerators for AI
    • Energy harvesting and power management
    • Intelligent healthcare systems
    • Mixed signal machine learning hardware
    • Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits
    • Wireless power/data telemetry
  • Nabil Sarhan

    Nabil Sarhan

    Faculty profile

    • Deep learning 
    • Hardware accelerators 
    • Digital and analog computing
    • Computer vision systems
    • Event detection
    • Computer systems design 
    • Multimedia systems 
    • Computer networks  
    • Automated video surveillance systems
  • Xingyu Zhou

    Xingyu Zhou

    Faculty profile

    • Reinforcement learning 
    • Bandits and online learning 
    • Bayesian optimization
    • Stochastic systems 
    • Cloud computing 
    • Applied probability

Computer systems and networks

  • Lubna Alazzawi

    Lubna Alazzawi

    Faculty profile

    • Internet of things security and applications
    • Smart sensors
    • Cybersecurity of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs)
    • Intelligent transportation aystems
    • Remote healthcare monitoring systems
  • Syed Mahmud

    Syed Mahmud

    Faculty profile

    • Intelligent vehicles
    • Intelligent transportation systems
    • Secure wireless communications
  • Harpreet Singh

    Harpreet Singh

    Faculty profile

    • Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI)
    • Digital systems

Intelligent control and robotics

  • Feng Lin

    Feng Lin

    Faculty profile

    • Discrete event systems, supervisory control, hybrid systems
    • Machine learning, neural networks, fuzzy discrete event systems
    • Robust control, and applications in alternative energy, power systems, biomedical systems, artificial intelligence and automotive control
  • Abhilash Pandya

    Abhilash Pandya

    Faculty profile

    • Tele-robotics
    • Advanced visualization and AI for decision making and automation in surgical robotics
  • Le Yi Wang

    Le Yi Wang

    Faculty profile

    • Control systems and system identifications
    • Robust control, optimization, learning, estimation, hybrid systems, and their applications in automotive systems
    • Battery management, smart grids and microgrids, autonomous aerial and ground vehicles, communication systems
  • Hao Ying

    Hao Ying

    Faculty profile

    • Fuzzy control, fuzzy systems, fuzzy discrete event systems
    • Machine learning, multi-agent systems, expert systems
    • System modeling and control
    • Signal/image processing

Nanotechnology and system-on-chip

  • Ivan Avrutsky

    Ivan Avrutsky

    Faculty profile

    • Micro- and nano-scale photonics
    • Laser physics
    • Optoelectronics
    • Integrated optics
  • Amar Basu

    Amar Basu

    Faculty profile

    • Multiparameter wearable sensors
    • Microfluidic "lab on a chip" systems
    • Digital and single cell assays
    • Novel sensing methods using interfacial phenomena
    • Particle and cell sorting
    • Computer vision applied to high throughput screening
  • Mohammed Ismail

    Mohammed Ismail

    Faculty profile

    • Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits
    • Systems-on-chip for automotive, biomedical, internet-of-things and wireless applications
    • Hardware systems for artificial intelligence
    • RF and mm-wave ICs for 5G/6G wireless
    • RF energy harvesting and wireless charging
    • Smart semiconductor manufacturing, yield enhancement
  • Dimitrios Sounas

    Dimitrios Sounas

    Faculty profile

    • Electromagnetic theory
    • Metamaterials
    • RF and mm-wave circuit design
    • Non-LTI and nonlinear microwave systems
    • Machine-learning design of electromagnetic structures
  • Gozde Tutuncuoglu

    Gozde Tutuncuoglu

    Faculty profile

    • Electronic materials and nanoscale devices
    • Brain-inspired/neuromorphic computing devices
    • Resistive-switching memristor devices
  • Yong Xu

    Yong Xu

    Faculty profile

    • Sensors, MEMS and nanotechnology
    • Wearable sensors, flexible sensors
    • Smart-yarn sensors, accelerometers, seismometers
    • Gas/water monitoring sensors and neural interfaces

Power and energy systems

  • Masoud Nazari

    Masoud Nazari

    Faculty profile

    • Machine learning and distributed control applications in power and energy systems
    • Internet-of-things enabled smart and connected buildings and communities
    • Cybersecurity of power and energy systems
  • Gholam-Abbas Nazri

    Gholam-Abbas Nazri

    Faculty profile

    • Advance energy storage systems for electric-based transportation -- batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells
    • Alternative energy sources and energy sustainability
    • Photoelectrochemical water splitting for hydrogen production
    • Solid state hydrogen storage systems for fuel cell vehicles
    • Nanomaterials synthesis and applications for advance sensors and optoelectronics
    • Advance non-destructive techniques for real-time analysis of materials and devices
  • Caisheng Wang

    Caisheng Wang

    Faculty profile

    • Renewable/alternative energy systems and energy storage devices
    • Power systems, smart grid, microgrid and distributed generation
    • Power electronics
    • Electric vehicles
    • Fault diagnosis and on-line monitoring of electric apparatus

Signal processing and communications

  • Xiaoyan Han

    Xiaoyan Han

    Faculty profile

    • Infrared imaging and nondestructive evaluation (NDE)
    • Acoustic chaos
    • Sonic thermography
  • John Liu

    John Liu

    Faculty profile

    • Radio networks, LPI/LPD radio networks,
    • Optical communication, satellite networks, spread spectrum systems
    • Ultra-wideband systems, vehicular communications, multiple access
    • Modulation and coding, signal design and detection, synchronization
  • Yang Zhao

    Yang Zhao

    Faculty profile

    • Optical sensing devices and systems 
    • Computational nano-optics 
    • Nanoscale optical structures and materials